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The Long Cold Winter


Calvin Winter_1.gifWell, it's that time of year again where winter really takes a hold in our area, the temperature is colder, and severe weather could hit at any time.  We here at the Valley Park Fire District want you to remember a few winter safety tips....

-- Furnaces run overtime this time of year, remember to clean the filters and have fresh batteries in your CO detector incase of a malfunction of your furnace.  There are lots of space heaters and portable heating units that people use this time of year, make sure you place them safely and always have a fire extinguisher in the house.  If you have a fireplace, remember to keep the flue clean and make sure the damper is open when using.

-- Severe weather can cause many problems, careful when driving, ice is very difficult to spot, until it is too late.  Avoid falls around your house with ice melt, and have pleanty of grocies and supplies so you don't have to drive.  Don't forget the young and the elderly, they are especially susceptible to the cold weather, make sure they are kept warm and dressed properly if going outside.

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