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Billing and Payment

Permit Fees and Payments

Permit fees and payments are accepted by cash, check, or credit card.  Payments can be mailed or paid in person to: 

                                                            Valley Park Fire Protection District

                                                            47 Crescent Avenue

                                                            Valley Park, Missouri 63088

To pay with a credit card by telephone call 636-225-4288.  A 3.4% processing fee applies to payments processed  over the phone and a 2.4% fee applies to in person credit card processing. 

Ambulance Billing FAQs


Does the Fire District bill for ambulance service?

Yes.  The Fire District will invoice a person's medical insurance company for ambulance transports.  The District's policy is to "Soft Bill" it's residents.  Only payment received from the medical insurance company is necessary.   There is no out of  pocket expense to the resident.


What if I have a deductible that applies towards my ambulance transport? 


Do not pay it.  If you receive a bill from the Fire District contact our offices.  


What if I do not have insurance?


The Fire District only bills a person's medical insurance.  If you are a resident and were transported by Valley Park you will not be billed.  If you do receive a bill

contact our offices.

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