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Fire Marshal and Permit Information

Residential Compliance Permits

Residential safety compliance inspections are required by the Valley Park Fire Protection District for owners or tenants to occupy or re-occupy existing residential housing.  This includes single family homes, multi-unit apartments, single rooms, and/or any space utilized as a residence.  Other agencies or local governments may require an occupancy permit to be issued as well.

***New construction, single family homes do not require a construction or safety compliance inspection from the Fire District for the first occupant of the home.  Successor occupants will require an inspection.***

Commercial Occupancy Permits

A commercial occupancy inspection and permit is required by the Valley Park Fire Protection District for owners or tenants to occupy or re-occupy any space.  This includes any newly constructed or existing space. 

Annual inspections are required thereafter for any existing business to maintain occupancy. 

Construction Permits

The Valley Park Fire Protection District issues permits for building construction, commercial use, blasting, bonfires, open burning, and commercial fireworks. Commercial and residential land development also require plat review.  The private use of recreational fireworks is expressly prohibited by St. Louis County ordinance. We strongly discourage the use of fireworks due to their dangerous nature.

Completed permit applications must be submitted with the required sets of drawings. Applicant will be notified when the permit is ready to be picked up and paid for. No work may begin prior to permit issuance.

Fire/Life Safety Code and Permit Fee Schedule

Current Code enforced

2021 International Building Code (With Amendments)
2021 International Fire Code (With Amendments)
2021 International Residential Code (With Amendments)

Number of prints required to submit along with application

 2 sets

Are they to be signed or sealed and by whom

Yes, must be signed by a Missouri Registered Design Professional

Permit Fees:

Per Table  2021 Code Amendments


Permits are required for:


Fire alarm systems

Fire suppression systems

Mechanical Electrical

Cooking hood suppression

Cooking hood

Duct Installations

Special agents

Removal of underground storage tanks


Other Permits

Fireworks Fee: $125 - Per Display, No Sales Allowed

Burning Fee: $125 - 30 Days, air curtain destructor only

Blasting permit: $125 good up to 30 days

Storage rack installation 12 feet or taller, same as commercial fees.

AST's & UST's, & removal of underground storage tanks, same as commercial fees.

Paint booths, same as commercial fees.

Permit Downloads

Permit Applications are available in the following downloads...

Permits may be submitted either in person at our District office or digitally by email. 

Address:  47 Crescent Avenue, Valley Park MO 63088


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